The feeling of first love

The feeling of first love Ira is sitting on the sofa eating noodles. Nipa has made it. Nipara has shifted to Dhaka so Ira has come to visit their house. Nipa is still busy tidying the house. Ira made noodles in the gap of work. Ira wanted to help Nipa many times but Nipa grabbed Ira’s noodles with a broom and left. Cyan has gone out a little, there are some shopping, the new family needs a lot to do them. It is not possible to buy everything in one day, but he is sorting out what he can, the rest will be sorted out slowly. Anamne Raj lying on the bedRimi is weaving a dream in the corner of his mind. He is taking a deep breath again thinking that this dream will be fulfilled. However, he will not give up dreaming, there is no fault in dreaming, if that dream ever comes true even if he makes a mistake ?? Nipa has asked Ira many times about the ventricle. Every time Ira has avoided but this time Nipa has pressed Ira very well. Ira was forced to tell Nipa everything. Nipa is very happy to be surprised by everything. Nipa is in a state of being more dumb.She doesn’t understand when it was romantic. And Nipa doesn’t understand how her little, vitu sister became so brave. Really love is big weird. Able to change people very easily. Ira is staying at Nipa’s house till evening. This time he has to return home. Ira has enjoyed Nipa and Sayan all day long. Now he will go home. Nipa said goodbye to Sayan and went to Ira Gate and fell in front of Nilay. Nilay came to meet Nipa. Nilay didn’t know before that Ira might have come here earlier. Atrium, youHere Ira, hmm I was all day now going home Nilay ,, Keeh was there all day but until you let me know once Ira, hey, if you said so, you would have left Nilay, yes, that’s what I was Ira, so you had to follow me and then I had to be unprepared in front of everyone Nilay, oh so I follow you Ira, yes Nilay, well, now that we have met in an unexpected way, what should I do without you ?? Ira, no no what are you saying I will go home please don’t bother (pleading in fear) Nilay ,, and mother is scaredWhy am I here, baby? The ventricle is moving towards Ira and Ira is moving backwards. While doing so, someone pushed Ira from behind and threw her in the chest of Nilay. Nilay looked back and smiled. The ventricle became a little unprepared. Nipa puts it in front of her. She is very uncomfortable wearing it in front of her younger sister. And Ira can’t lift her face in shame. Nipa ,, has been and will not be ashamed. Brother, you better bring Ira home Nilay ,, huhh I can give it if anyone wants Ira, no, I don’t need my sister to drive my carWill come Nipa, aha brother that is not Ventricle Ira, ahh he is absolutely a saint-monk Ventricle, what do you say Ira, no, nothing Nipa, it’s been a long time. Nilay, Hmm, I will come, so let’s go, madam Ira and Nilay left. Nipa looked at them and went inside the house with a peaceful smile. ____________________________ Beard in front of the fatherThere is Ira. Her heart is trembling with fear. She has never seen her father so angry. And is sitting holding a fire idol. Ira’s mother is crouching next to her. As soon as Ira entered the house, Ira’s father scolded her and told her where she had been for so long, why she was so late, why she had left without telling him and so on. But Ira understands very well that the reason for her father’s anger is something else. This is the reason for being so angryLike man is not his father. So did her father see Nilay ?? Ira is trembling again and again for unknown fear. Let’s go, Episode 17 Ira is lying on the bed crying. Her father has placed her under house arrest. From today, everything outside of him is closed. Even his father has taken away his phone. The father who had not spoken to him so loudly for so long went to his village today to raise his hand but his mother held him tight. Kali told Ira’s father everything about Ira’s ventricular relationship. Kali went to college that day to gather evidence. Do what he wantsHe angered Ira and Nilay and confessed everything with their mouths. Callie records everything Ira and Niloy said on her phone that day and shows them to Ira’s father in the office today. It was beyond her father’s imagination that Ira could do that. But everything is proven in front of his eyes so he is forced to believe everything. Niloy calls Ira many times back home at night but every time the phone says switched off.Can’t understand. Again and again it seems like something bad is about to happen. Ira’s father has suffered a lot in this work. In the end, he got married without telling her whether he was her darling daughter or not. The boy with whom he had broken up his daughter’s marriage one day. How can he show his face to everyone now? Today. Ira’s father closed his eyes and sat in an easy chair thinking all these things. Ira’s mother is standing looking. IraDad, say something Ira’s mother, don’t worry. The boy has made a mistake. Forgive me like this time Ira’s father, “Impossible, the hope you came for is never going to happen.” I will never call that boy my son-in-law Ira’s mother, but think about your daughter’s happiness Ira’s father, for the sake of my daughter’s happiness, I will never accept that boy. My daughter will never be good with such a thug. I did just marry him but what he did was just bullying from a young age. For which all relations were severed.I have been away from them for so many years but that boy came back to my daughter’s life. This time I will not give up. Ira’s mother left the house crying. He understands very well that something very bad is going to happen in the future. Old memories have risen again. (Niloy’s family and Ira’s family had a very good relationship before. Niloy and Ira’s marriage was arranged when they were very young but Niloy suddenly with a boy from the neighborhood one dayHe returned home after a fierce fight. The boy’s life is in jeopardy. There Niloy said loudly that he had not done anything wrong. That Niloy did that because he was teaching boys or girls. On that day, Niloy’s father beat Niloy in front of everyone. After so many stories, Ira’s father realizes that this boy will not do anything good when he grows up, so he ends his relationship with them and takes Ira away, but destiny reunites them. Kali is lying on the bed and Prashanti is smilingThere is no way to escape from this bait. They were very insulted that day, now they will understand what fun is with a devilish smile

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