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Story: Notoriety !!! Episode: 1

– I came to Pali from my husband’s house. That is why today I am the brother of Badnam. Everyone knows I came to Pali, but no one wants to know why I came to Pali. Or have I fallen in love with Karo? Nah, not what you think. My husband did not abuse me physically or humanely, nor did he have a family of his own. The daughter is trying to wipe away the tears from her eyes. Aryan: Then why did you run away? What about your husband?Don’t you think so? Daughter: Love! Hmmm, even if you hear the name, you are scared now. The love that has made me exhausted is love! The love that made my decorated life shine in the cursed thick cloud is that love! Even if you hate such love, you will hate it! Arian: Look, love is never a cause for hatred! The reason for the hatred is that the people of Bhalobasar are Gulo. Why did you run away when your husband fell? SonAm I making such a big fuss by leaving such love and husband for her? Aryan was shocked to hear Tanaya’s words. He suddenly brakes the car. What exactly do you think? Aryan’s throat is throbbing. Aryan is returning home from Dhaka to work. I was driving myself. In the light of the headlights I can see some boys trying to get dirty with a girl. The boy stopped the car, drove to Gulo, and told the girl to leave. But the boy Guello Aryan is also talking nonsenseSaying. After a scuffle with them, the girl was dragged into the car and the car came a long way and jiggled. Arian: What’s your name? Where are you going? The girl stared at the front with frozen eyes. Tears welled up in my eyes. Can’t figure out exactly what to say. Fuppie cried at Aryan’s words. Just as a man loses his valuables, so does a girl in the midst of a carnage. The bottle of water in Aryan’s car was not handed to the mayor.Take it in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. The girl took the panita and ate it with one breath. I am thirsty for so many days. Aryan giggled again. Arian: What’s your name? Daughter-in-law Arian: Where are you going? Daughter: I don’t know! Arian: Maine? Daughter: Maine Noakhali. Arian: Oh. I am also going to Noakhali. If you don’t mind, you can go with me! Before that tell me what are you doing here so late at night? Daughter: Actually I am going to Noakhali by bus. When the bus stopped at the back bus stop, I was in the washroomNaimi to go. But if my luck is bad, whatever happens, the bus will leave me alone. There were no more buses there. I won’t get a boat before tomorrow morning. An uncle from Okhain said there was a hotel in front of him. I was going there but on the way the boy Gulo was talking to me like that girl. Thank you so much for helping me. Arian: No, there’s no need to say thank you. The girls are the blessings of the superior, the mother’s race, how can they be disrespected? Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys …..I am working. Daughter: I don’t know the answer to that question. Why did Avi do that? Because we have been married for more than a month. In one month he did not treat me the least bit. I have noticed a lot. But I still do not understand why he did such a horrible thing! Arian: Do you have a love marriage or an arrangement? Daughter: Arrange. But believe me, despite the family marriage, there was no lack of love between us. After the marriage, Thekei and I were very much in love. I noticed a lotKeep it. But one week before the meal, Ovi came to the office one day and said that a guest would come at night and cook for him. Abir’s parents did not leave the house that day. They went to the house of one of their relatives. At night a man came and after feeding him, Avi came to my room and said: AV: I want something for your daughter today, won’t you? Daughter: I will give you everything in your new car! Tell me, what do you want? Ovi: Asale Tanaya: Tanya: Please don’t talk about taking care of me. You are right to say thatHe said I will try to keep your word. Ovi: The man who came tonight will have to spend the night with that man. I was thinking when I heard such words from Avir’s mouth, I went downstairs. I lost the ability to speak. I couldn’t believe my ears. With great difficulty I spoke with my face and said—– Daughter: What are you talking about? Am I listening wrong? I am your wife. Ovi: No, you are right. The matter of the daughter will be within our three souls. No one will know anything, Promise. One night with youI will gain a lot instead of cutting. Please don’t do it, daughter! It is a matter of one night. And where is the barrier when I can accept you as your own husband? Suddenly a lot of energy was transmitted to my body. I slapped Abhi with all my strength. I told him not to keep my head straight in anger. Daughter: Do you think I am a market girl? You can be a naughty boy. I am not a naughty girl like you. All my life I have been proud of my self-esteem. Caro South before marriageHe did not get involved in the relationship, only for the sake of his own honor. And you are giving me such a dirty proposal? What is your courage? Avi had been putting her hand on her cheek for so long. Maybe he didn’t think I would slap him? Then he put his hand on his cheek and said Avi: Whatever you say and why don’t you, tonight you have to follow my word. Whether it’s a pair or a pet. Daughter: I will not stay in your house anymore. Right now I’m going to go home. When I said that, I had to leave the roomNile Ovi grabbed my hand and slapped me twice on the cheek. I started to see the darkness in front of my eyes. Then he pushed me on the bed and threw me out of the room. The head was relaxed for a while due to the slap. I was lying on the bed crying and calling on the name of Allah. He is the one who saves me. After some time, Avi took the man and came to our room and told the man AV: Sir, you can do whatever you want. Haramjaidi has a lot of arrogance. Give him a break today, then I will see where he isHe has respect! Avi closed the door and left. The man’s dirty look made him hate himself. I was watching the dream of a beautiful world built for so many years shattering in front of my eyes. Before the man could touch me, I picked up the vase on the table and hit him on the head. The man fainted. Since there was no grill in the window of Abhi’s house, I came out of the window without any thought. But because of the high windows, my legs hurt a lot. Still self-respectI was running for my life for the sake of survival. I don’t have any phone to call. And where to go alone so late at night? Then I saw a hospital in front. I thought I would spend the night on the verandah of some kind of hospital. Even if I had a phone, there would be no special benefit because I have a bad habit of not being able to remember the phone number. I spent that night sitting on a hospital bench. I will go home in the morning, but I have no baldnessI don’t know. But I had a pair of gold earrings in my ear. I got out of the hospital and went to a gold shop. I got some money by selling two earrings. I got up and went to the house. But go home

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