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Story: Good mother-in-law

It feels so cold in the morning. I just want to lie under the blanket. I fell asleep again when I closed my eyes a little. I have been seeing it twice since morning. But I am feeling very annoyed because of the call. ~ I am telling you to get up now. If not, I gave it, but I poured water on my body. (Shruti my wife) – Wife doesn’t do that. Today I will bring you a lot of chocolates and ice cream, I will take you for a walk in the afternoon. Please give me some sleep now. ~ Give me that young girl. Give me a palm and I will agree with your words. Never, sir. – Really. Just 10 minutes to sleepGive it to me. This is coming to convince me. 10 seconds and no. -Kire Shruti Rakib hasn’t got up yet? (Mother) See for yourself the condition of your son. – No, mother, I got up. Just lie, in my name to you. I know you. I know where Batpar is. I am afraid of my mother. I don’t remember why. Shruti pulled my hair and quickly left the room. There was a loud noise. Breaking glass. I jumped up and hurried to see what was going on. There is a plate broken on the dining tableGiving.  If you knew so carelessly, I wouldn’t have married you to my son. Why go to work that I can not do well! Let’s see how I do it first. Then I’ll do it if I can’t. I’m not old enough yet that you have to work. Now you see how the blood comes out of your body. Shruti is staring at her mother. – I and my new wife. But my mother-in-law used to do almost all the work with me. How many times the hand was cut, how many more kinds of pain the fingers of the hand felt. If I was like my mother-in-law, you would be in troubleI see you like my own daughter. I was ashamed to hear my mother’s words and I was also proud. Today was a holiday. After the Friday prayers, we all ate and drank together. Shruti and I sat down to watch TV after eating. And mother went to the verandah to talk on the phone with her aunt. I want to watch the BPL game. But Shruti will watch the drama. Mother came and took the remote with a char on her head and gave it to Shruti. Mom said, We had black and white TV then. Our father bought a new one then. She works outside the houseGrandma wouldn’t let me watch TV without it. I used to hide and cry. My mother-in-law was like that, so I will be like that! But watch the channel you want. I could watch the game on the phone but I don’t know why the ugly Shruti cut the Wi-Fi line. I came to the room and took a nap. I feel a slight pain in my body. I saw Shruti pinching the car with care. Every time the pinch is given, my body is getting shivering. Shursuri how long can be tolerated. I could not bear it. I sat up. Like other girls do makeupSundari can be seen. In the case of Shruti, it is so bad. She doesn’t know how to dress herself. Shruti said, ~ You didn’t say this, you will take me for a walk. Get ready quickly, I am keeping the clothes here. – When did I say that? ~ When did you say not to go to bed in the morning. – Here it is! Did you let me sleep in the morning? Shruti left the room crying. I am sure I will bring my mother. ~ Did you tell me not to go around with him? – Hey mother, when did I say. I told you to bring a glass of water. (Reading the shirt) ~ Keep a jug of water. YouI can understand if it is false or true. Because you are born from my womb. Now go for a walk with Shruti. First you told your father to go somewhere for a walk. Your father would not agree because of your grandmother. One day when your grandmother was not at home, your father and I went out for a walk. Later your grandmother knows how to go. After a lot of chatter. If you want to remember, I could not go around any day of the year. What do you think? Will your wife’s mother-in-law be like my mother-in-law? I want the best for you. I went (saying mother left the roomGone.) I can see clear water in Shruti’s eyes. This water is no pain, no pain. This water is full of joy and happiness. I said to Shruti in the middle of my chest, -Why? ~ It is not mud water, it is water of joy. Why did your mother say so well. I look at Shruti’s eyes full of Maya. If you dive into that eye, it is no longer possible to float. Story: Good mother-in-la .

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