Push back

Push back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Today is a very happy day for Chowdhury. Today, after about 8 years, the youngest son is coming home from England. So the festive atmosphere is prevailing in the house. Everyone has decorated the house very nicely. Because the little boy of the house is dear to everyone. The eldest son of the silent house has a little more responsibility but he has not been found since morning. No one knows where he went without telling anyone. Sumaiya then calls Nirab (Sumaiya is Nirab’s cousin) Sumaiya did not pick up the silent phone at firstDil then picked up the phone Sumaiya: Brother, where are you? Fupi has been looking for you since morning. Silent: Tell your fupi I’ll be back in a while. Sumaiya: Come quickly or Fupi will beat you on the back. Silent: Well, I’m coming. The silent phone rang. Sumaiya went and told her fupi about silence. After a while silence came. When he saw his mother standing with a stick in her hand, she was about to enter the house. – Sir, it’s time for you to come now. Silent: No, actually I went to work. – No work from your own home again todayDo you think it is necessary? Then the silent uncle entered the house. And said silently – I went to fetch my uncle Then his mother did not say anything. Just took Nirber’s uncle inside. Silent then said – Wow, I don’t need it anymore. Got my sister close and what do I need. Nirab went out again and bought something from the market. His mother called Nirab around eight o’clock at night – Why don’t you go to the airport? Silent: I’ll be right out now. – Don’t be late, then you know your brother well. Silent: You don’t have to worry, I’m just in timeLet’s go. Then Sumaiya came and said – Brother, I will go with you. Silent: Where are you going? Sumaiya: Why bring your brother. Silent: You don’t have to go. Sumaiya then cried and said to her silent mother – Auntie, tell your brother to take me. Silent mother: The silent girl is saying that she has done so much for him. Silent: Why does he need to go? Sumaiya: Why bring your brother. Nirab: That’s why I’m going. Why do you need to go? Sumaiya: Don’t tell Fupi to take me. Silent mother: Silent, will you take Sumaiya or me?Let’s go. This time Nirab could not say anything. Just said -Okay, I’m taking it. Sumaiya happily hugged Nirber’s mother and said -Thank you Fupi. Silently he said I will take him and I am thanking his fupi. No one heard what he was saying. Nirab said to Sumaiya I will be ready in 5 minutes. I am standing outside with the car. Sumaiya ran to her house and got ready and saw her sitting in a silent car. Sumaiya said to Nirab -Brother, let’s go this time. Sumaiya got up in the silent car and sat down. Then he said silently -YouOr all the time, why did you sit in the front today? Sumaiya: You don’t understand. Come on, you. Arrived at Nirab Airport at about 11 o’clock at night. ******* Meanwhile, Joy has been waiting for his family since Anekshan. But no one has come to pick him up from the airport yet. Then he called his brother and when he picked up the phone, Joy got angry and said – How long will I be standing here? How long have I been standing here? Will you come or will I go again? Joy did not let her brother say anything. Outside Joy AirportBegan to come towards. Then he saw a car coming towards him. The car came and stopped in front of him. His head was hot and the car came in front of him and stopped and his head became hotter. He went to the driver’s window and knocked on the window. Her brother came out of the car. Then Joy told his brother – It’s not time to come. His brother said: You know this Dhaka city well. How much traffic is here. Joy: Is it possible to go home this time? (Now let’s come to the real identity “Joy is the brother of silence”) Silent: I’ll go but youAnother is coming to take me home. Joy: Who is he again? Then Sumaiya came out of the car and saw Sumaiya and said Joy – Brother, why are you bringing this trouble? Silent: Mother said that’s why I’m bringing it Sumaiya told Joy – I think you’re in trouble Joy: So what? Silent: You don’t start a fight here. Joy: Who will fight you sit in the car this time Joy said as the driver sat down first and caught the silent rear drop – Why are you sitting in the back? He sat next to Joy as if talking about silent victory. But Sumaiya did not sit in the car. ThenNa Joy told Nirab – Will anyone else go with us? Sumaiya: No one can go, you can go. Silently he went out and explained to Sumaiya to get in the car. Then Sumaiya got in the car. Joy started driving straight without saying a word but Joy is driving at a little more speed. Joy does not dare to say anything silent. After 10 minutes, Joy stopped the car and said silently -Kire Joy, why did you stop the car? Joy: There’s work to be done. Nirab came out and saw that they were in the parking lot of Bashundhara Shopping Mall – What are you doing here? Joy: Let’s go inside laterAnd bring the inside. Silent Sumaiya is going inside to win. Before entering Sumaiya Market, he was very happy to inform Nirab but he was upset in front of Joy. Everything was bought for everyone in the house and the bill was won and Nirab was not allowed to pay. Bought for everyone but Joy didn’t buy anything for Sumaiya. Joy’s phone rang and Joy said – After buying everything, this time you can go. Let me talk a little. When he saw Sumaiya crying, he said to Sumaiya silently. – Why are you crying? I’m not here. Let’s chooseI will buy it. But Sumaiya did not say anything. He came out of the market and sat in the car. And Nirab bought a beautiful looking sari for Sumaiya. Sumaiya and Nirab are sitting in the car. After searching, Joy came with a bag in his hand which he kept with him. Nirab said to Joy – Where have you been all this time? Joy: I was talking on the phone Sumaiya: Brother, can we go home now (a little angry) Joy started driving. After a while, Nirab went to take the bag belonging to Joy. Then Joy said – Don’t hold it, it’s my personal. Something else is silent on hearing thisDidn’t say. Joy left the song in the car and started driving at 100 km per hour. At speed. At around 1.30 pm the road was completely empty. The three-hour road came in an hour. As soon as the car stopped in front of the house, Sumaiya got out of the car and went straight to her house without talking to anyone. Joy just looked at him and said nothing. Everyone in the house understood why Sumaiya had gone to her house. Nirab went inside the room with Joy. And everyone in the house came close to victory. Everyone asked Joy good and bad but her mother told her – You did the same to the girl todayWhy? Joy: Who am I talking to? Joy’s mother: I don’t think I understand how happy the girl was to bring you and why she went straight to her house without talking to you. Joy: He knows it well. Joy’s mother: This trial will take place tomorrow. Now I didn’t say anything that you are real. Joy: Hey, I didn’t do anything. Nirab came and took Joy to his room. Then he said silently – I haven’t eaten together for a long time since I came fresh. I will eat together today. Joy came to the dining table fresh. There are people in the chair but one chair is empty. Joy asked himSeemed – Mom, why is this chair empty? Joy’s mother: It didn’t even come to Sumaiya to eat. Joy: Why? Joy’s mother: I don’t know, she said don’t eat. Joy got up from her chair and went straight to Sumaiya’s room. Joy knocked on the door but the door did not open. Later Joy told Nirab – Brother, you told me to open the door After being silent, Sumaiya asked Sumaiya to open the door. Sumaiya opened the door. Then Joy told Sumaiya. – You don’t have to eat. Sumaiya: No, I ate Silent: When have you been eating since morning? Joy: SumaiyaLet’s eat early Sumaiya: I will not eat. Silent brother, you go to eat. Joy said nothing and took Sumaiya in her arms. Sumaiya tried to release Joy but Joy brought Sumaiya straight to the table. Joy doesn’t say anything to him as everything is his own mind. So no one said anything about bringing Sumaiya like this. Joy sat Sumaiya down and told her to sit here and get up after eating. If you get up before that, you have news today. Sumaiya started eating like a polite girl. After everyone ate, everyone went to sleep like everyone else, but Joy went to the roofHe started thinking and fell asleep there.

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