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Mihir is always scared around the roof at night but today he is scared of anything.

Mihir is always scared around the roof at night but today he is scared of anything. Today it is not difficult to jump from the roof. I want to leave everything and go far away. Ara was sitting next to Ahan Vaiyar while eating at the party. Mihir did not eat anymore. This piece is causing so much trouble. And there is time. Ahan Vaiya will get married, will be a flower bed, will be a babu ,,,,, No, I can’t think anymore. The girl has spoken a little so I am all over and I can’t accept that there is a flower bed or a baby. Thinking about these, she is crying a lot and looks at AllahSend the rope I want to go upstairs. Hey sister, what are you thinking with your face closed? What are you doing here so late at night? Today, Agan Bhaiya felt that ,,, I wanted to say, Babu, have you eaten or I will feed you. Uh oh I don’t live in my irritation and this girl is there with her opposite thoughts. Is this all nonsense? Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. So I’m just going to line up with the new Indian boy and that’s my crush. You know, Apu is a poem for himI’m writing. I don’t like the words of this talkative person, but I still can’t say anything. I don’t like hair. Oh, don’t listen … Hmmm, tell me … I look for you every day ,,, Pepper Ogo you …. Floating on the back of the clouds I fall into the river every day Can I find your head …. What happened, why are you coughing? Shut up, are you writing everything ….. will you give these things to that boy or not? Hmmm. I will give it tomorrow. What do you write last, you know what Mundu meansWhere … No, I gave it to you … You don’t know the meaning of Paris Mundu in that Seven. I understand the head of the goat head. Now read and see what you are writing. Donkey. O sister, I am writing to match. Do this Paris. I’ll go to sleep. Aslam left because this love does not want to chat with a madman. —————————————– – Feeling you’ve been expelled. You are forever recognized in my story. I saw the cloud in your eyes. I want you to suffer and I want youI’ll leave it to you ো fall asleep mehu bird. Talking to Orpar, I came to the room and saw this paper folded on the bed. It’s not Ahan Bhai in any way. But he is married. What will happen to it. I can’t sleep. And after receiving this letter, I lost sleep. I don’t like it. Meanwhile ,,,,,, I don’t know if Mihu is sleeping or awake. Maybe awake. Meanwhile, Ahan’s phone rang loudly. Looking at the unknown number. Hello … Hi ,,, what do you sleep ,,, I willI understand you are thinking about your wife. I don’t know who you are Forget it so soon. Hey guys. Oops What the heck, I called you myself and you’re saying that too. You are very sweet and innocent. This girl is not ashamed to call herself. I don’t want to talk. ) Well, where did you get my number? This is a question. You understand that you are talking to your future wife. Meanwhile …….. Today I will tell Ahan Bhaiya what is on my mind. I will leave. I’m in a lot of trouble. Let’s dial the number. What’s the matter, he said why he was with his brother so late at nightHe is talking. Not with that saw. This time it seems that my heart will be torn. ———————— Upp this girl can talk so much. What more can I say. Who called again in the middle. Mihir called after seeing the number. He called for a seat and didn’t get busy. It can’t be. What happened is why Mihu is not answering the phone. I don’t like it. Oki misunderstood. This is why I talked to Ara. ———————- This girl may have fallen asleep and just took me to her house so late at night. Let’s be goodLooks like there was no danger. ———————————— It’s been five days today and I’m not leaving the room. No one is taking much news ,,, everyone is busy with brother’s marriage. How many times did you call that night? Maybe it should have been caught. And I used to say Cuba. Vaiyato agreed to marry that Ara. And the brother did not come for five days. Didn’t find it once. . Kong Kong Kong I looked to the side and saw that Mau had called. Despite my reluctance, I caught it ….. HelloO. Hello, why haven’t you picked up the phone these days? That’s it What happened to you Why upset. Can’t say on the phone, Then come to college. No, Ray doesn’t like it. You don’t know much about Aschis. ———————————— That means Ahan’s brother got married 10 days later. Hmmm. Brother Ahan agrees. Hmmm. (How does it happen. Ahan Vaiyato loves Mihi. Then ,,, maybe there is a problem.) What to do now. I don’t know. It was fine … Looking back, Ahan Bhaiya is standing with a black face. Seeing his face, chestThe inside was shattered. Where brother. You and Alo Mau. In fact, I will not do this marriage. What. I was very happy to hear that. Hmmm. I will marry the one I love. I will let you know later at home. The two of you will witness the marriage, don’t ask any more questions. Hearing that, Maui’s big eyes filled with tears. It is clear from his face that he has eaten so much. And the laddu was boiling in Mihir’s mind for so long but after hearing that, the laddu in his mind vanished into thin air.

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