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Makeup when crashing Which also beats the story of the movie

Story: Makeup when crashing Which also beats the story of the movie

Everyone is requested to read the story. Episode: 01

Saeed is sitting in the middle of the sofa. He looked to the right and saw Saeed sitting next to him Staying father is looking at him with a smile on his face, father’s smile in a bad mood It doesn’t look good, just then I turned my face towards my mother who was sitting on the left side with hope This time Saeed’s eyes rose to his forehead, his mother and he looked at him and smiled strangely. Laughter, all the light of all hope becomes the darkness of despairHe came down in the middle of it, removing his eyes from there Saeed looks and sees how all the people around him think about him Looking at it, it was not good for everyone to look at him like that As soon as Saeed rolled his eyes from there, his eyes fell wrapped in a red and blue sari On a girl , Let’s go back a little bit, Saeed is the only child of his parents. After finishing his studies, he now takes care of his father’s business If he says he is doing, taking care of it, it may be a little wrong because the business is with Saeed Her father leftHe has given, and has been doing it well for 2 years with a very strong hand Saeed, Saeed is now 24 years old, his parents have been watching his daughter for marriage for a long time. Since then, but they are not getting the girl they like for the boy, and when they like someone after that Saeed’s arrival took place there, his parents had to come out of the busy time They came to see a girl with a girl like that today, , The name of the girl sitting in front of Saeed wearing a sari is Nusrta, if not bad to see and hear Not wanting to lookSaeed’s mood is getting worse as soon as he looks at it Saeed is not in front of everyone, I want to say Nusrat alone, looking at Nusrat ,, , Saeed- looked ashamed but nothing to be ashamed of anger, he looked at Nusrat, “I want to talk to you alone.” ~Nusrta – Saeed’s mouth could not understand what the girl was Nusrat raised his head and looked at his father and mother. Nusrat looked at Saeed and said, “Okay, let’s go to the roof.”~Nusrat says and starts walking towards the roof, and Saeed also follows him. On the roof, he grabbed a water bottle from the room and handed it to Nusrat With Saeed, “Can you wash your face with this bottle of water”? আসার Before coming here or after coming here in a dream and one day Nusrat could not think of such a situation She had to face him, somewhat surprised to Nusrta she said, “What do you mean,? I don’t understand anything” Saeed looks at Nusrra and widens his eyes. You know, sleeves without makeupI need to see what is there. ” Us Nusrat looked at Saeed very softly and said, “If he hadn’t called me and insulted me like this, he could have তাক Looking at Nusrat, Saeed smiled strangely, “What’s the matter, take the bottle” Nusrat looked at Saeed with a blush of embarrassment and said, “I did a little light make-up and that’s the way it is.” ~ Saeed thought to himself, “If this is a light make-up, is it heavier than this?” Saeed looked at Nusrat sweetly, “I came to see the girl for marriage, not a ghost.” When he heard that, he could not say anythingThe girl is silent, Us Saeed has been staring at Nusrat’s hands and feet for a long time. Say no, but Saeed backed away from that decision, looking at Nusrat, he said, “Well hand or Is there anything like makeup for the feet ,,,,, “? Us Nusrat looked at Saeed with an angry face before he finished speaking. Do you need it “? িয়ে Looking at Nusrat’s hand, Saeed is surprised and thinks, “No, not me, I’m really thinking. Which is your real hand, foot or mouth “? থেকে From Saeed’s mouthUpon hearing this, Nusrta tried unsuccessfully to hide her hand from him, “But you’re saying too much.” Saeed looked at Nusrat and laughed, “If you put your hands and feet on your face and I wouldn’t have had the chance to say so much if I had done makeup. ” Nusrat looked at Saeed and said in a loud voice, “I don’t always wear makeup like this, I did a little today. And whether you ,,,, ” ~ Looking at Nusrat, it is understood that the girl is red with shame, light water in the corner of her eye. Has begun to freeze, and after a while maybe cryThink of a game that will start with this name Saeed opened the mouth of the bottle in his hand and looked at Nusrat Your appearance is not bad at all, but you do not understand what you are wearing What a mess ,,,,,, ” Us Nusrat keeps his head down, Saeed wants to say a lot in his mind Leaving the girl silent, after remaining silent for 2 minutes, she raised her head towards Saeed Nusrat looked up and said something, just in time, তাক Looking at Nusrat in the water bottle in handWith a sip, Saeed said, “Okay, let’s go now Let’s go down ” , When Saeed came home from Nusrat’s house that day, he said to his father and mother, “What does the girl look like? He didn’t see that for extra make-up, and he married a girl with make-up Will not, if it is black or green, but it will be someone who has a habit of make-up Will not get married “According to Saeed’s words, from now on his father and mother will look for a girl ……..

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