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A true love story

A true love story

Girl: What is your problem? Boy: That’s the problem! Girl: – What time? Boy: I fell in love! Girl: Dog, do you understand love? Boy: I don’t understand so much, I just love! Girl: – But I Hate You. Boy: I Love You Too. Girl: Are you crazy? Boy: Hmm, I did it for you. Girl: – Exclude nonsense! Boy: I will love you all my life and I will always be in this place right now. The day you come to this place and your faceI will hear the word love from, I will stop coming to this place that day. Girl: – There is no more work, the mother is crazy. Boy: He used to sit in that place every day and wait for the girl to come. Today it has been a year but the girl has not come in front of that place even once. The boy is still sitting in that place at that time. A few days later, the girl also remembered what the boy had said. But the girl thought she would go and see the boy tomorrowNo. Because the girl thought the boy was mischievous with her. The girl went to that place at the same time tomorrow and saw the boy too. The boy was looking down helplessly. The girl was surprised. She looked at the boy for a long time. The girl started to cry. The girl stood in front of the boy with wet eyes. The boy stood and looked at the girl and said why are you crying? The girl hugged the boy without saying a word and said love is much moreLove Boy: I knew you would love me one day or another. I love you too. This is how true love is. It is beyond imagination. [I don’t know who the boys or girls really know to love.

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