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A short wife with a lovely heart

I think I know why There is something in Malaysia !!!! . When I came home, I had to tell my father So happy Come to the room to eat dinner and sleep Trying, But sleep is not coming, that is to give again and again Innocent smile is floating in the eyes! I know last night or in the middle of the night without me Sleep will not come This has been happening for the last five years Suddenly the world of thoughts in the sound of mobile Came out of, I saw the stranger with the mobile in my hand The call came from the number again! Many are unknown for the last five years Phone to my mobile from number Come on, When receiving the phoneSomeone says something opas No, I’m just a little baby haumau I hear that Many times I got annoyed with many numbers I hit the bulk, but nothing works Hitting a bulk is another number Calls, If you call me any day Gives? I can also change the SIM when it comes No. At first I was annoyed but now why I don’t know the vague language of my little one It’s good to hear So now every day the phone I also receive 6 . Even today he receives phone calls saying hello Immediately that familiar voice I hear, Tell Abbu Ammu from OpasIt’s vague What a language One says, I don’t understand anything, just this I can understand the call of father and mother . . Today I am going to Malaysia, Goodbye to everyone at home, I arrived at the airport. The man who came to the airport today I was interviewed, that Lots more with people I saw people, Later I found out that they are like me Select to work in Malaysia It’s 6 I have a lot to do with one of them Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. Her name is Jisan. He was sitting next to me on the plane. I understood the boy mixed with him A little too fickleType, Talk a lot . Flight landed in Malaysia .. I have to set foot on Malaysian soil My chest heaved, I do not understand why this happened Ever since I heard the name Malaysia I have a strange feeling Was working . The company we are working for Some people from that company came He took us to a hotel. Office with rest today and tomorrow! I came to the hotel and went to my room. I’m sitting fresh, Sitting bored, So I thought I’d take a look around the city Jisane to get out of the roomIn front of I read, Jisan smiled at me and said, – Where are you going, brother? – I was actually bored sitting in the room, So I’m going to grind a little – I’m the same brother, let’s go too 6 with you – Then it’s better, me alone You don’t have to walk alone, Let’s go … Jisan out of the hotel I said, – Where do you go? I know the place so lonely No. Jisan said, – I know, brother! Let’s go brother I go to all the big shopping malls A beautiful shopping mall, I need to buy something! I bought the thing too and ghuraghuri I did3 – Here it is! . Arrive in front of the shopping mall with a taxi I got down The shopping mall is really big and Beautiful Dukatei my body inside the shopping mall There was a strong cold wind. And to knock inside my chest Like, I’m heartbroken standing there I started to feel dhukdhukani ,, Why is this happening to me? Jisan said, – Why are you standing here? What else are you thinking? – I’m in this shopping mall with the pig, I know how cold my body is The wind blew, – Ha ha ha ,, hey brother it’s AC air – Nah, it can’t be AC airআ ৷ AC air is so soft and hard No! And this air is absolutely in my chest Like inside! – Hey brother, what is Abul Tabul saying? I let out a loud sigh I said, – Nah, nothing, let’s go Then he hugged Jisan Shopping mall I got up to the third floor, Jisan is staring at the T-shirt, Maybe coming to buy a t-shirt, I didn’t ask him again, Jisan changes with a T-shirt in hand Went to the room, I like a shirt, I was looking at that shirt, Suddenly my eyes got stuck On the girl, The girl is right for meFacing in the opposite direction Standing in front of the lift, The girl seems to know me so well Why? I don’t see the girl’s face Even if I can, I think I know why The girl is someone I have known for a long time, My heartbeat is running very fast, On the way I go to the girl I thought, I’m going to go to the girl The girl got up early, I came in front of Nipt and saw Lipt Like, ——————————— ———— Episode – {14 আছে is given in the link. 3 Click on this link and see below with Follow. Next part has. ————————————————– ———— Standing there, I started to gasp, Suddenly his eyes fell on the side of the head. I started walking down the stairs, As soon as I came downstairs I saw the girl Leaving the shopping mall, I also have to get out of the shopping mall I saw the girl get in a car, Even then the car had black glass I did not see the girl! The car sped away. I just stood there, Jisan shouted from behind, -Nian brother this Nian brother! As soon as he came to my side, he started gasping. Said again – What a brother from the shopping mall Why were you coming out? I called you so much from behind Didn’t hear that – I’ll tell you later, let’s go to the hotel now – You’re a really weird brother! – Hmm, let’s go! . Ready to go to the office the next morning Came out of the hotel for Jisan came from behind and said, – What brother is leaving me চলে – I thought you might be down There, so I came down . The office bus came and took us away I came to the office. That’s all there is to the officeNo shopping maka office duka just that day shopping mall It was like a cold wind, I know why Dukei inside the office It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring Someone came and said, – Meet the madam one by one Come on !! One by one they are going to another room Coming out 4-5 minutes in a row, That’s how everyone went, one by one. I’m still sitting, Jisan came and said, – Brother, you know, go inside, and go Let’s see – What are you talking about? Pari Kotteke Asal 3 – Hey brother, don’t wear this dress, It’s human – You mean? – I mean, look at our boss Like Parir 6 -Is our girl the boss or not? – Hmm brother, you know soon I woke up our boss means girl I came to the door and said, – May I come madam? – S. Coming 6 I was shocked to hear the girl’s voice, I was stunned when I looked up Stood up What am I looking at? I have to believe my own eyes Can’t Then just a word with my mouth Come out

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