A heart touching story of a girl

I know I will die before all my girlfriends. Even then, like everyone else, I have many dreams and desires. Going for walks, laughing with everyone, eating together, etc. I never wanted to make love. But in the middle of the dream, I would arrange a love story like my own. Someone will love me a lot and will not leave me even after knowing everything. Later I think to myself that going into someone’s life for a short time does not mean ruining his life. If I ever get well, then someone will come to my lifeTo turn dreams into reality. But now I don’t even dream, I will recover. Because the doctor said I would never get well again. Even then I wish I could live my life the way I want. But God did not give me such a life. I was diagnosed with blood cancer when I was 4 years old. Little did I think I was sick. Weakness did not work. I would get sick once in 4-5 months. If I gave new blood, I would get well again after 3-4 days. But as I got older, my disease started to take hold of my bodyDoing. Shortness of breath. He got sick for several days in a row. I began to realize that a good time had passed from my life. After the final examination of 9th class, I went outside and turned my head. I just changed my blood 15 days ago, Then I went after dizziness. After going for 30 seconds, I fainted thinking about this. After 1 day I woke up and I don’t remember anything, my mother was crying. Brother is crying. I have never seen my brother cry before. My brother never cried even after giving it to my father. Just look at the right handI see blood being given to the body. And in 10-20 minutes the blood in the bag will enter my body. Suddenly my mother noticed that my consciousness was returning. She ran to her head and sat down. She wiped away her tears and said, “How are you feeling now?” I shook my head and tried to explain that it is good. After the exam, some girlfriends and class teacher came to the hospital to see me. Then my mother was feeding me. I was relieved to see them, I tried to sit up but failed I can’t get energy in my body at once. I greeted Sir from bed. YesTook the answer of the salutation a little louder. I will go home after a while. At that time the doctor came and said something to break the heart! Don’t send him to school anymore. Keep it inside the house as much as you can. Tears came to my eyes as soon as I looked at my girlfriends. After everyone had been silent for a while, he suddenly said with a false consolation, don’t be upset. We will all come to see you. Some days he would really come and meet me. But slowly everyone stopped coming. The pet cat became the closest to me at home.He was always with me, he would feel better if he took me in his arms and put his hands on my body. I am now 18 years old. When I was in 9th grade, my body health was better than it is now. I was getting smaller day by day. I used to read stories on YouTube and Facebook all day long. A boy used to write very good stories. In response, I sent a message request for 2 days. I appreciated the story after replying. From then on, he would write as many stories as he could and put them in my inbox before posting them in the group. Became a good relationship with him. One night aHe seemed to be upset with her. After giving the message, he said he was not in a good mood and would talk later. I replayed, I don’t remember when I was in a good mood, well we will talk later !? After a while his replay came, can your identity be given ?? I still do not know your name? I said never seem to be asking. My name is Nishat Fahmida. Everyone calls us Nishat, our home in old Dhaka. My family consists of me, my brother, father, mother, and my pet cat. After passing 9th class, he did not study anymore. That’s the story of my life !! RobinBrother (know the name of the ID) said something about you. Brother did not say anything about himself and asked why he did not study later ??! I openly said that everything that is going to happen in my life is going to happen. The brother woke up at night and listened to everything. Life means war, the life of one who does not have war is like water and rice. The mind tried to say more. The next afternoon the brother said in a message, “If you don’t mind, will I write a story about your life?” I was surprised and happy. Of course, brother, this is my good fortune. MangoI noticed that my brother was talking to me more and more. Cares a lot and uses it well. Everyone in the house gets along very well with me. I can’t remember who ever treated me badly. Everyone seems to agree that I will die in a few days. So use and care as much as possible before you die. The monotony of seeing good use has started now. The use of Robin Vieira has become like that now. After talking for a while, I suddenly fell ill again. So I did not come online for 3 days. After 3 days I came online and saw a lot of Robin brothersLeft a message. There was a message in between, I have finished writing the story, towards the end of the story you have recovered, you have started everything anew. After getting admitted in the school again, you are spending a happy and happy day with your new girlfriends. Don’t tell the story now. I will mention and post you on your birthday 21 days later. Brother, I know how to write a very good story, but I know why it seems that my story will be the best. I gave a message to my brother, brother, I will pray for many sick people. By the grace of Allah he will be healed and will speak again. My body gets worse after duskE goes. Everyone in the house started crying. The doctor said that his condition was very bad and he should be taken to another hospital for better treatment. Suddenly I remember all my words, my big brother will be all alone if something happens to me. We were always like friends. I also remember the pet cat at home. The story written by Robin Vayer seems to no longer be worn. I remember a lot of incomplete things. A few people came and took me to the ambulance. To take to another hospital. A lot of fear of losing everyone is working inside this time. It looks like the body is breathingNot wanting to take anymore. Ever thinks no more. What was the need to send the world with such a life !? The whole family has been crying for one man for 15 years. Am I then born a curse for my family !? Why are they crying so much, maybe they will not cry when I die. Aslam left for the hospital, the condition is very bad. Every breath seems to be the last breath. I want to tell my family to tell Robin Bhaiya that I did not recover at the end of his story. Rather, I did not leave before reading his storyIn the country of The doctor said that the condition was worse than those who came to see him. As soon as she heard that, her mother started shouting loudly and her father started crying. The brother ran and started crying holding his hand and said that nothing will happen till Nishat. We are here, sister, will you leave us so soon ?? Within 2 hours all the relatives came to see me, everyone was crying. If only someone had brought my cat in his lap !? It would be great to see it once. The cat will look for me all my life. Everyone understands that today I will leave them Leave. Mother is crying and faints on Kakima’s shore. While looking at my brother for a while, I suddenly stopped breathing. The doctor came round and the sound of crying came out in the room. The doctor told everyone to get out of the room. I have said everything in the world. Time 2:30 pm (10-08-2018) Leaving everyone, I left the world 20 days before my birthday. I have suffered for so long and I have been suffering for others. I have fought all my life, against my own mind. I had a lot left in my lifeWhose taste was not found.

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