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A different type of story and also heart touching

After reading the story for 2 minutes, there was a request for hope – Are you free? – Why? – Talk a little? – I talked this morning. What do you say again? – Ray is very upset. Talk a little – You started again. I don’t like your daily naughtiness. – Do you think everything about me is dishonest? – I don’t know. I’m very sleepy. Good night (The next day the girl did not call the boy’s phone. The boy did not remember anything. The next day the phone did not come. The boy was a little surprised but did not think much. He did not even try to call the girl back.The next day a letter reached the boy. Written on the envelope of the letter, From – night. The boy dropped the letter on the bed and left the office. Today, the boy is responsible for the girl he loves. The reason for the change in love is not known. I feel busy. The distance between the two grew farther and farther. I went to the boy’s office and thought I should call the girl once. He called. The same song was played on the caller tune, “Hame tumse peer kitna yeh hum nehi jaante magar ji nehi sakte tumhare bina.” The boySomething was happening in his mind. He hurried home and opened the letter. The letter said-) Dear White, I lost my mother when I was young. Dad gets married once again. Little mother never accepted me as a girl. The distance with my father increased a lot. There was only one relative, Thamma. He also died. I was then in class ten. You know everything. Then get acquainted with you. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The relationship went a long way. You went out to read. Here I am aloneI stayed. Little mother’s brother told me that night ….. stay and did not say anything. You know everything. All the blame fell on my neck. My father was not with me that day. I came out of the house because I was teaching in a school. I only survived because of you. Saying you were next. Today I feel like you are too busy. So I have no time to get up. But believe me, my sorrows and sufferings were not dishonesty. Was not a lie. After Thamma died, I used to say everything to you. You weren’t like that before. Why did it happen suddenly? I want whiteLooks unfamiliar. I couldn’t do it anymore. I no longer had the ability to hold back the pain. So I went to sleep without thinking. There was no one left to call you. Be well Stay healthy always. You know, I want you to listen to that song, “Hame tumse peer kitna yeh hum nehi jaante magar ji nehi sakte tumhare bina.”

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