A different type of love story

I  read in Honors second year. Dad died a long time ago. There is no one in our family except me and my mother. I have to do some tuition to cover the cost of education and the cost of living. I love a girl from our area from class 8. The girl’s name is Adiba. Many times the shape pretends not to understand even after explaining it in gestures. Anyway, one day when I was going to dress one of my students, Adiba called me .. Adibah: This Boyara Masai came here, where to go? Me: I’m going to wear. Why are you calling? Adibahgatkal that you twoI gave mangoes, why did you give them to Sabikun? (Sabikun is my student) Me: Hey, I felt un-easy to carry your mango in my pocket, that’s why I gave it to him. Adibai: It is so hard for you to carry two mangoes, oh God, where can I go? Couldn’t give it to anyone else? Me: Why? What’s the problem with Sabikun? What a sweet, beautiful baby she is. Adibai and that beautiful child, who told you that? He is a baby monkey. Do you know what he calls me? I amWhat do you call it? Adibai calls me “Mida Alu”. Who knows, he taught it. Me: Mida potato means sweet potato. Adibah: You hit me again Sprinkling salt. Me: I don’t know, so I asked. Adibah: Well, say so. Me: Hmm. The name Mida Alu is not too bad, the name suits you. Adibah is a very beautiful name, isn’t it? Well, from today you won’t talk to me anymore. Saying this, Adiba got angry and started walking away. Even after calling Adiba two or three times, I did not get any solution and I went to my own destinationI started walking towards and started thinking about Nila in my mind. Whether it’s a big girl or not, she gets angry with a child and gets angry at me. Tomorrow he will come to talk to me again by himself. I know that very well. Then the next day while going to teach, Adiba called me again Adibah listening to AJ? Me: What, madam, don’t talk to me? Then why are you calling now? Adibah: There is nothing to think about, where to go? Me: I’m going to teach. Why? Adibah: What is your student, boy or girl? Me: Girl. Why noProblems? Adibaina is nothing, it is your student In which class? I: After dragging. Adibahse many beautiful? I mean, is she more beautiful than me? Me: Hmm. Very beautiful. (I noticed that Adiba’s eyes, face turned red with anger. Then Adiba said) Do you like Adibai? Do you do love-tem with him again? I: Why do you think everyone is like yourself? Adibahbasike mean to think like yourself? You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? Me: Not really, but why are you burning so muchListen? Adibah, where is my water? Me: I know you’re burning, because my student is beautiful, that’s why you’re burning with violence. Adibai Kachu you know. I: What will happen if you say, my guess is never wrong. Adibah: Your guess is 100 percent wrong. I: ok I am wrong, can I come now? Adibai: Wait, you have another thing to say. Me: What? Tell me quickly, I don’t have time now. Adiya: Yellow on fasting tomorrow, do you know that? Me: What is this, I know Nato who will hear? Hey, I’m SiaI made the settings of M and Mim. Adibai is doing very well, he has saved the world. The nation is looking for you. Anyway, this time I also have to do a job. Me: Do you have to set up with someone or not? Not at all. Me: Then what work do I hear? At the yellow ceremony in Adibai, I have to give mehdi in my hand. Me: So what do I do? Adibah will buy me two henna? Me: I have nothing to eat, I will give you mehedi or not. Adibaitara means, you will not buy me henna? Me: NeverNo. Adiba: If you don’t buy mehendi, then I will not go to the yellow ceremony. I: You go or not go, what about me? Adiba: All right, I’ll see you too. Me: Even after seeing me for so long, I understand your hobby is not met? Adibai have fun with me? Me: Where is Nato? Then Adiba left in a rage. The girl is really crazy. In fact, I have loved Adiba for a long time, but I could not say that for fear of her. But at the beginning, I realized that Sapphire was also me. Love. Then I love AdibaAlthough I didn’t want to buy it, I went to the market and bought two henna and another spoonful of henna. Then around four in the afternoon, I saw my student Sabikun in front of her house I stopped and said I: Kiri, do you call Adiba Mida potato? Sabikun: Sir, that knife is a devil, a monkey. How many lies are empty. I: Hmm, you are truthful. Suppose I take these three packets of Mida potatoes, then I will eat a chunk of ice cream. Sabikun: If he kills me, what will I do? I: Don’t kill, I’m not. Take these three packetsDibi, and I will say I love Mida potato by ear. What do you say? Sabikun: I love Midaalu. Me: Say it again. Sabikun: I love Midaalu. Me: Speak louder. Sabikun: I love Midaalu. Me: Speak louder. Sabikun: Sir, there is no more force in the throat. I: Well stay and do not have to say out loud. Sabikun: Hmm brother, spit sir. Me: Well, this time. Before evening I go in front of Adiba’s house and see Adiba and Sabikun busy with naughtiness. Two chukbar ice cream in the hands of two people. Then I told Adiba I: You see, the enemy of your soulYou have made a friendship with. Adiba did not answer, from the side Sabikun said Sabikun: Yes sir, this is mida potato and you have a raw potato. Me: And you are a rotten potato. From then until the next morning, I was never seen again. Finally, after the evening I went for a walk inside the yellow pendulum. I went and saw the whole pendulum wafting with the scent of roses and piles of flowers, and the women were sitting in one corner, picking ginger and garlic.Dancing, Adolescent girls are smiling at their madness. Apparently, nothing escapes my eyes, but I can’t find Adiba anywhere. At that time some girls came out of a house on the other side of the pandal. I noticed that Adiba was standing behind those girls. Wearing yellow sari. I always thought, “Who cares if a girl wears a sari?” It’s just a lie, a myth. Where on TV I saw so many Bollywood heroines wearing saris, no one ever thought she was beautiful, on the contraryIt looks more beautiful when wearing a modern dress. But today, seeing Adiba wearing a sari, my idea changed completely. After a while Adiba came and stood in front of me, and Mehdi Ranga raised her hands and showed me How is Adibai? I noticed a curved smile on my lips like a rose petal, a dinghy boat, Kajal’s black eyes were shining like the stars in the sky. And the impression of Mehdi with her feminine gentle hand is bound to defeat the artist’s imagination. Then I saw all this for the first timeI can’t think whether to look at the face or the mehendi of the hand. Looks like I’m going to have a mini-heart attack right now. I became so confused. Seeing my eyes full of wonder, Adibar’s eyeballs have become bigger. Adiba is also very happy to be able to defeat me in this way. Then Adiba broke the silence and started saying – Adibaih not saying that? Are you alive or did you die late? I: Unprecedented. Adibaithak you don’t have to say anything else, I went. I became absolutely speechless. This momentI feel absolutely confused. It seems to me that I have not been on earth for so long, but I was in a place where there was no space, no time, just space. Then I started I started wandering around, but I didn’t get any chance to propose to Adiba. Today I have to propose to Sapphire in any way, but I don’t get the chance. Then a long time later I got a chance just when my distant niece, named Subh, came and said Shubh: Let’s go to Mama’s shop, ice cream I will eat. Me: Wait a minute,You have a talk with Adiba Mami. Shubhar could not bear the delay, then he went to Adibar and said Shubh: This Adiba Mami, Tanvir Mama will talk to you. Then Adiba came to me and asked Adibah: Will you talk to me? I: Hmm, I have a word with you. Adibahhum said. Me: I’ll tell you later. Adiba: Well, your wish. Shubh: Mama, let’s go to the store this time. Me: Hey son, I told you to eat a little late. Five minutes later Adiba called me again Asked Adibai then said what he wanted to say. II have a word with you. Adibah I know but what is the point? Me: It’s time. I … At that time, Sumi’s friend Adiba came and took Adiba away. Sumi: Adiba, come here. Excuse me brother don’t mind. I: No problem. Then at ten minutes the song is playing loudly, everyone around is busy, Adiba is standing with her elder brother’s daughter on her lap. At the moment it is impossible for a third person to hear about two people. So this is the perfect time to propose to Adiba. Then I to AdibaI said Me: Adiba I had a talk with you. Adibaijani, even then said. Me: I love you Mida Potato. The word is expected for the first time, but he is a little ashamed. Adiba started walking in the opposite direction without saying a word. Then I called from behind Adibar Me: Stop this Adiba. Although Adiba did not reply, the silence was a sign of consent, so I started browsing Facebook in a relaxed mood. At that time Adiba came in front of me with turmeric in both hands. I don’t like giving turmeric on my body, But now if you tie your own loss, surrendering to Adibar at this moment is also very sweet. Then Adiba cut my cheeks yellow and my mind started beating lungi dance. Although the lungi dance song was playing in the sound box then. I stopped lungi dance in my mind and sent a message to Adiba Me: I love you Mida potato. Adiba replied to every answer Adibai I love you raw potatoes. This is how our day goes on. Then I finished my studies and got a job in a good company. Then with the consent of the family, mida potatoes and rawThe work of potato marriage has been completed. Now  is very happy.

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