The deception of love

The deception of love Episode: 1

After getting married, I came from my father’s house holding my husband’s hand with tears in my eyes. I got married today and had many dreams about this day and also about the person I got married to. There is no limit to my happiness in marrying my love Abir. I got the one I wanted today. But today such a day passed I did not see in his face. I haven’t seen it yet. It seems that he put a handkerchief on the face of what I saw. Let’s talk about all this nowDon’t be fooled by love. I am sitting in the living room waiting for him. He is not coming yet but I know very well how much he had for this day. I love him very much. She loves me too. He called me two days ago – If Zara is our son Babu, I will name her Bhata and if she is Babu, I will name her Bhati. How? I don’t know if I will laugh or cry or be surprised when I hear this. Is it a name or not? My child’s name will be so weird! Just can’t think. Then I rebuked him — I will not marry you if you have such a weird name. —– I will not say no to this. Sorry. I fought less for you, I had to work for 6 years to get you. What will happen to him? —– I don’t understand anything. My father’s name must be very beautiful, just like your name is Abir, my name is Zara, their name will be just as beautiful. Bhata bhuti but it will not work at all. – OK. But I like the name very much ,,,, -Keep your hobby I hung up the phone and started rolling and eating. I have to remember what kind of name Abir isI’m laughing. Suddenly the sound of knocking on the door brought my senses back. And fear and shame are also at work. Today is my and Abir’s night. I pulled the veil further down. After a while, Abir did not respond, so I opened the veil without looking at it and looked at the front and was surprised. This is what he is doing here. He is Abir’s elder brother Aryan Chowdhury. Why this guy in this room! There is no wisdom in knowing that his brother is sitting in front of his wife at night. I was very angry so he got down from the bed in angerI sat on the sofa and went there and said – What are you doing here? Where is Abir? What will you do with Abir? – What do you mean! What do I mean by my husband? You don’t know that tonight is your brother’s night. And whether you are sitting in front of his wife instead of his house! -Whose wife? Whose wife means Abir’s wife. I can’t see Abir’s wife here. Can’t you see a living person standing in front of you? —— I can see but she is not Abir’s wife, my wife. (Don’t careWith thought) What! See, you don’t talk nonsense. Someone can say this to his brother’s wife. Where is Abir? Abir, where do you see your brother coming here and saying all that? Where are you Abir! (Screaming loudly) – Hey, your words are not heard? You are calling my brother like this, why he is not here. (Angry) -‘No means! Abir and I got married a little while ago. —-‘- shut up… Not Abir, I am your husband. You got married to Abir a while ago. As soon as I heard that, my head started spinning. It was what he was saying that he was jokingNot even that. Although Aryan and Abir are from the same mother’s womb, there is no difference between the nature of one and the nature of the other. Abir is happy to laugh, Aryan is very angry and in a bad mood. The words on his face and the expression on his face make it clear that not a single word of his is a lie. So is it true that I can’t be his, Abir can’t cheat on me. He promised that he would marry me or not. Zara is sitting in one corner of the bed with her sari wrapped around her and crying. Everything seems to be floating in tears. Abir with himHow could such a big deception! Doesn’t he know that corrosion will die in it? Looking back, Aryan is sleeping comfortably. This guy is a very bad guy and now Zara’s eyes are filled with hatred. FlashBack When Zara heard these words in Aryan’s face, he slapped Aryan hard. -How dare you say such nonsense! You’re a bitch. I didn’t like you from the beginning. But in what you are saying now you are proving your character. You leave this house and where is Abir? I comeI will tell everything to J Abir. Abir respects you so much and you are the one who enters his wife’s room and is doing such a rude thing? Abir Abir Before he could say anything else, Aryan grabbed Zara’s arms and said —–How do you dare to tell me so much? You’re telling me to leave my house! And you are talking about Abir! He doesn’t want to marry you so he went to London. – I do not believe. You are lying. My Abir cannot deceive me. —-Huh. Abir did what he wanted, you know I have no hand in it! (Gritting his teeth) না–No, how is this possible?Love me You liar you are now lying to me on purpose. Tell me the truth about my Abir. —– Can’t hear once? I said there is no Abir, why are you taking the name of a man after my wife now? (Angrily) – Leave. You’re a lustful bitch. Your character is to blame. You’re a bad guy. You’re a bad guy. I’m going. (Shouts) – Did I say lustful my character is not right? Today I will show you how terrible I can be when someone speaks over my face and takes my characterHe speaks😠😠😠😠 (holding Zara’s hair) Aryan pushed Zara to the bed and then jumped up. Zara begged Zara to let him go but Aryan didn’t listen and asserted his rights. Forcibly or in any way, he made the people he loves completely his own today. One’s love may have been lost, but the other’s love was found. …… will continue.

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